Terms and Conditions

By accepting a quote, you are accepting the terms and conditions which are outlined below.


A meet and greet should take place prior to your dog’s first stay with us. Please see the quote for contact details.

We are happy to walk dogs off of the lead with owners permission. Please do this via an email to simon@wetnosedwalkies.co.uk.

We do not accept dogs who have received no training.

Your dog could be walked with up to three other friendly dogs. If group walks are unsuitable for your dog, or your dog does not like a particular breed of dog, then you need to let the dog walker (via our portal or email) know so that other arrangements can be made.

Please let us know any of your dog’s special requirements via the online portal. Please include where your dog is used to sleeping at night so that we can make your dog as comfortable as we can.

Please make sure that your dog is up to date with vaccinations, worming, tick and flea treatments and your dog must be dropped off in a clean condition.

You must supply enough food for the duration of your dogs stay. Please bring any bedding or toys that you feel would make your dog more at home. Any additional food that may need to be brought will be added to your invoice.


  • Bookings require a £5 per night deposit. Your booking can not be confirmed until the deposit has been made.
  • Holiday boarding is invoiced in advance, two weeks prior to your dog’s stay with us.
  • Regular customers for boarding and walking will be invoiced at the end of each month.
  • Payment can be made via bank transfer (see invoice), by cash or by cheque. Please make cheques payment to Simon Bone.

We will not accept any dogs with aggression problems towards dogs or people.

If walking aids (for example harnesses or halti collars) are supplied and instructed by the owner to be used, they must be of good quality (with no damage or homemade adjustments) and well fitted for the dogs safety.  It is the owners responsibility to ensure that the equipment is fit and safe to use.

All dogs must be house trained.

In the unlikely event of your dog needing a vet visit whilst in our care, the owner is liable for all costs involved.

We are happy to accept female dogs who have not been spayed, however, please let us know if you believe they will be coming into season during their stay.

Entire males over a year old are subject to an individual assessment at their meet and greet.

If you decide to collect your dog earlier than booked, you will not receive a refund.

Terms and conditions are accepted by accepting the quote via email and completing the online portal

We look forward to welcoming your dog to stay with us!